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The weirdest things you can buy on Amazon

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

The internet is a strange place where you can find and buy almost anything you want. Why not make full use of this platform to add a little weirdness in your life. Here are the weirdest things you can buy on Amazon!

1) Human Body Parts

Yummy yummy yummy food in my tummy. After buying this Human body fat replica, you will never look at food the same way again. And just for your info, it comes in either 1 lb or 5 lbs.

That purple thing in the middle? Take a guess. It is a Giant gallbladder plush toy at a whooping 8.5 inch tall, way bigger than a normal sized gallbladder at 2.8 - 3.9 inches. And if you are ever worried that it might get lonely, you can get it's friends: the heart, the liver, the appendix and even the uterus.

Everyone has tried to pop a pimple before, don't look at me, I know you did it before. Now, you can get the same satisfaction with this fake Pimple popping kit but without the scarring. Woohoo

2) Non-human body parts

Ever wanted to eat a gummy bear and tear it apart? Now you will know exactly what goes on inside with this Gummy bear anatomy kit.

If you are grossly interested in the organs of a gummy bear I'm sure a Bathing duck anatomy kit will pipe your interest too. Rubber duck duck here we go!

And the least weird on this list goes to this Lucky cat anatomy figure. Never could figure out why it's a lucky charm? Maybe it's insides can tell you why.

3) Insects

Ever wanted to have a cockroach farm? Now you can get started with a 3 females and 3 males Madagascar adult hissing cockroaches package from Amazon.

Eating insects have never been easier with Larvets original worm snack. It comes in 3 flavors: cheddar cheese, Bbq and mexican spice.

Frustrated with being unable to catch those pesky little bugs? Now you can hunt them down like a sniper with Bug-A-Salt 2.0.

4) Cover-ups for your insecurities

Have wrinkly, peeling fingertips? Get a Set of five finer hands finger puppets to hide your ugly fingertips and gain 25 new perfect fingers.

Remember Davy Jones the octopus man from Pirates of the Caribbean? Here is your chance to be his twin with this Octopus beanie.

Insecure about your six pack? Don't worry, Beer belly fanny pack is here to save you from your perfection.

5) Anyone can be a doctor

Drawing blood should come second nature to you once you have enough practice on this IV practice arm kit.

Scared of sewing up wounds? Use this Suture practice kit to practice on skin that will never complain.

With this life sized Disarticulated human skeleton at 62" tall before disarticulation, you will be able to identify all 200+ bones in the human body.

6) Everything to do with pigs

Can't separate your yolks from the whites? YolkPig is here to rescue you!

If you have difficulties eating a corn on the cob, why not stick Pig corn holders into both ends to make your life better.

The Piggy steamer face is the solution to all your steaming problems.

7) Excretions

Couldn't generate enough vomit to scare someone? Here comes Giant vomit, the vomit that is big enough for a big reaction.

As if you didn't clean up enough dog poops in your life. Use Fake dog poop to continue this shit picking hobby.

if you already have fake dog poop, your poop collection will not be complete with the Fake human poop.

8) Farts

Cats are such perfect little creatures that only their farts can become cotton candy. Enjoy your edible Cat farts on Amazon.

When its time to give your significant other a ring, why bother with expensive diamonds when The moon ring can do just fine.

Ever wanted to smell the fart that comes after eating turkey with stuffing, pumpkin pie, raisin pudding, hot buttered rum and Christmas eggnog? Open this Spicy fart gag can to find out.

9) Clothing

Just wanna get out of a boring situation? Put on Goosh pants and slither away.

If you wanted a turtle instead of a baby, make your baby wear a Turtle crotchet knit and your dreams will come true.

Dinodog the latest mutant craze is made possible with the Stegosaurus dog costume.

10) Weird Books

How to Raise Your IQ by Eating Gifted Children. Enough said.

Dancing with Cats presents scores of delightful and inspiring photographs of people and cats engaging in their favorite dance routines.

Extreme Ironing is the world's newest adrenaline sport combining the thrill of extreme outdoor activity - rock climbing, mountaineering, canoeing, scuba diving or surfing - with the satisfaction of well-pressed clothing.

There you go. Now have fun shopping on Amazon to make your already weird life weirder.

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