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Traditional Teochew food - Lao Liang shark meat and pork jelly

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

“Rare” is not exactly the word that people would think of local food. But if you’re a traditional Teochew food fan then you’re in luck.

The one and only (we think) pork jelly (Aspic) stall is located an unassuming hawker stall at Jalan Berseh food centre.

Hard to miss with numerous newspaper cut-outs at the side

The main dish is a traditional recipe that is very time consuming to make. The jelly is actually composed of natural gelatin from the pork bones stock. Which is actually full of collagen therefore good for your skin, hair, nails etc.

Pork jelly is a dish best served cold, on the rocks.

So what does it exactly taste like? Cold, nothing much at first. Then, like the delicate fluttering of a passing butterfly, the jelly takes on an Indescribable melt in your mouth transformation. Bits of chunky pork adds texture and meatiness.

Best enjoyed with traditional spicy and sour chili sauce on plain rice.

Jelly chilli on the bottom and shark plum chilli on the top.

Also, do not miss the shark meat. Fresh, marine, salty, somewhat flakey meat that is best paired with the sweet, peanutty, plumy and somewhat spicy chili. Too bad it's a little pricy but the quality of the meat is second to none.

Any fresher and you may have to catch it yourself

Best paired with the shark meat

There is a nostalgic quality – a glimpse of beloved childhood memories that melts on the tongue. Best experienced for yourself. There are also various dishes like the shark skin, shark jelly, etc.

Hours: Closes after lunch about 2pm.

Address: Jalan Berseh hawker centre. 166 Jalan Besar, 208877

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