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Tuesday pasar malam at Taman Pelangi Johor

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Only on Tuesdays, get your fix of shopping at a pop up local market in Johor Bahru. This 'pasar malam' with literally translates to night market sells an array of things such as vegetables, fruits, meat, snacks, street food mobile accessories, household related products and clothes.

Fresh vegetables

Yummy pastries, cakes and bread.

Fresh seafood. They were almost sold out by the time we were there.

Affordable socks!

There's even a store that sells pet fishes - I wonder how difficult it is to transport the fishes back and forth!

Street food such as popiah and fried chicken.

And, if you're still hungry, there's even a hawker center right at the end of the lane.

Chicken claypot rice - the seasoning was on point with it being not too sweet and salty, the chicken was tender and the Chinese sausages were very delicious.

Rojak - the cucumbers, pineapples, turnip and kang kong were fresh, the you tiao (fried dough fritters) and tau kwa (tofu) was crispy, and I loved the peanut to sauce to other ingredients ratio.

Chicken and lamb satay with ketupat - I absolutely loved the satays. It was grilled to perfection. The char on the satay tasted great. The lamb satay was exceptional as the fats literally melted in my mouth. This is a must try if you visit!

If you're hungry and you also feel like shopping, come by this pasar malam at Taman Pelangi, you will be spoiled for choices!

Hours: Tuesdays 4pm - 10pm

Address: Jalan perang Johor Bahru 80400

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